Case o’ Liberty

Announcing the Off Kilter Kilts

Case o' Liberty: Verillas!

Through our exclusive partnership with Allister Greenbrier, the designer behind Verillas and Ayyawear, Off Kilter Kilts is offering you the chance to get up to six new (mostly) exclusive kilts a year. These kilts will be paired with accessories - flashes, belts, pins, pockets, and more -  specifically designed to complement and complete the outfit.

But wait, there's more! As a capstone to the bi-monthly Standard Case we'll be creating a Premium Case for the end of the year. This special box will include an upgraded kilt and accessories.

Each Standard Case will contain over $300 in kilts and accessories, the Premium Case will contain over $500. In 2018 (since we're starting two months in), the yearly value of the boxes will be $1700+!

"Working with fellow kilt enthusiasts like the guys at Off Kilter Kilts is energizing. People who support our vision and our process with a Kilt Box subscription is one of those things, as a designer, that challenges me to be bold and inventive. Cultivating a group that will provide actionable feedback creates an opportunity for me to iterate products faster and with greater confidence than I’ve ever had before, so delivering a huge value to the subscribers is a natural conclusion. I fully embrace the brothers-in-arms mentality with my crew at Verillas and I am excited to extend the banner out to our partners at Off Kilter Kilts and even further to the select folks who trust us with their clothing budget on an ongoing basis with our Kilt Box.  "





You can subscribe in three ways:

  • Yearly subscription - $1250 for 2018. You want it all and you're not looking back!  By paying for the entire subscription at once, you secure free shipping on each case, and you'll get the Premium Case at the same price as the Standard Case.  You save $450 + $100 in shipping.
  • Deposit + monthly payments - $500 now and $100/month (March-November).  You want the whole year, but you can't drop $1250 right now. We understand.  We'll cover the shipping for you, and you'll get a discount on the Premium Case too! You save $300 + $100 in shipping.
  • Pay as you go - $250-$425. You're interested, but you need to space it out. We have you covered. Pay for each box individually.   The Standard Cases cost $250 each, and the Premium Case costs $425. Shipping for each box is $20. You save $275!

To order, follow the links on each subscription level. You'll need to know your new Verillas size (there's a guide on each subscription listing). Please note: You will have to sign up to our website to be able to subscribe.