Clan Off Kilter

After two years bringing #LibertyFromPants to Southern California and beyond, Off Kilter Kilts is happy to announce that we're getting our own tartan!


We're expecting delivery of the first orders to us within the week. If you want in on the second batch, place your order now!


This is a prototype of the Clan Off Kilter tartan. We're pretty sure it'll look close to this, but we might tweak the colors a little once we get into production. Whatever edits happen, it will be a black field with white and grey stripes (with probably a slightly darker shade of blue and purple in the grey).

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Adult Kilts Men's, Women's, Mini, Ultra Mini, Lace

Great Kilt

Kids Kilts: BabyToddlerYouthYoung Lad/Lass


Fly Plaid
Neck Tie
Bow Tie
Noggin Wrap
Child's Flashes


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